Digital Orient
Power & Order
(Politics, Law, bureaucracy)
Belief & Knowledge
(Religion, Thought, Education, Ritual & Science)
Social Relations & Structure
(Kinship, Class & Marriage)
Economy & Population
(Production, Consumption, Demography, Agriculture)
Arts, Crafts & Technology
Specific People
(Life Stories and ethnic groups)
Long-term Change

Welcome to those who are interested in Nepal!

Nepal is a mountain kingdom, about the size of England, which stretches along between India and China. It contains many of the highest mountains in the world, including Everest, and is famed for its beauty, its soldiers (the Gurkhas), and its beautiful monasteries. In these films we shall see scenes from both the major city of Kathmandu and also a remote village in the Annapurna mountings. Travel through Nepal gives us insights into worlds which have disappeared over most of the rest of the globe.